App Alert: The Chemical Touch

As I started researching different educational apps to discuss on this blog, one name re-appeared again and again: The Chemical Touch. Through a touch-sensitive periodic table, this app allows chemistry students and aficionados alike to explore almost any detail you could wish to know about a selected chemical element, such as its density, melting and boiling points, or electronegativity. Flip the periodic table around to explore the amino acid of your choice.

Need more information than The Chemical Touch has to offer? Not to worry—one tap on the app’s “Internet” button and you are taken to your chosen element’s detailed Wikipedia page. And if you are looking for a no-frills periodic table, this app also comes in a simplified version, The Chemical Touch Lite. Both Chemical Touch apps have received rave reviews as helpful, user-friendly, and priced to sell—while the regular version goes for .99, the Lite can be downloaded from iTunes free of charge. And, it should be noted, that after a roughly 13-year hiatus from any formal chemistry instruction, I was hooked on The Chemical Touch within two minutes flat.


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