Digital Storytelling

Students in Barbara Smith’s English class have created digital family stories. To find great examples of student work click here.

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Customize Your Own Textbooks

Academic Pub is an application that let’s you make custom books for your students. It features real-time copy-right clearance and an ever-expanding content library along with the ability to add your own materials and articles from the web.

Your custom book can then be distributed to your students instantly to their iPad, computer, mobile device or in a softcover print edition.

Embrace the Backchannel

TodaysMeet is a web-based backchannel that helps connect a class in real time by allowing students to make comments, ask questions and provide feedback. This can be done when a teacher is giving a presentation, a documentary is being watched or utilized as a forum for breakout discussions. TodaysMeet doesn’t require anyone to signup. You can simply name your virtual room, how long you want the virtual room to stay active for and a URL (web address) is created.

Classroom Salon

Classroom Salon is a web-based social networking application that allows groups to explore texts deeply. By aggregating annotations and comments Classroom Salon provides student-centered collaboration.  Through working in teams students are able to enhance their perspectives on a given text through community feedback and interpretation.  The upshot is that students are able to improve their critical and creative analysis in ways that could not be achieved by working alone.