The Last Supper: Virtual History

This app allows the user to move inside a three-dimensional re-construction of Leonardo’s masterpiece and to discover its secrets.

Using the iPad, we can enjoy a direct, literally “hands-on” relationship with da Vinci’s The Last Supper.  As if in a time machine, we can go back to the 15th century and climb da Vinci’s scaffolding to examine the still-white stucco, look at his paints and preliminary sketches, and re-live one of history’s most extraordinary creative moments.

The “Bubble Viewer” immersive solution turns the iPad into a sort of telescope that allows us to enter the painting, to experience the extraordinary perspective created by da Vinci in an all-round projection, to sit in front of the apostles, and even move behind them to see the view from the windows in the background. This is a totally new interactive experience, a completely new way of discovering this remarkable masterpiece.